Kamis, 29 Agustus 2013

Cheat 7 addy logger 1.1

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Cheat 7 addy logger 1.1

This I believe one of the first(or the first) addy logger for operation 7. That's because the adresses aren't in operation7.exe. This addy logger uses codecaves to find out what the pointers are. Once the addy logger made the codecave and found the pointer then it can create the adresses. This cost me some time to make for each so it's not much yet. I will add some more for public logger later. But the addy logger in the vip section will contain more in the future! If everything is right then this addy loger will log addy's after every update because of the findpattern function and inline asm!

It's version 1.1. Forgot to update the version number when I made the screenshots 

Added much new addy's it now logs 43 addresses! (private addy's aren't in it)
Added a crash check. the logger will detect the crash and will save the addresses you've found
Made finding and logging code 40% shorter
You must cloe op7 with exit operation 7 in the menu. Otherwise it won't log

How to use this addy logger?

1.Turn on Adresses in the menu

2.Follow the steps. For posx and speed it's just going into a room. For stamina it's using stamina like running or jumping. etc.

3.The addy logger will automaticly find the adresses which are needed to make the others!
4.If everything has been found then close it by using Exit operation7 in the menu

Some addy's doesnt log?
It's possible that the pattern has changed inside operation7. Go into log.txt and look what the error is.

The addy logger will log it like if everything is going right:

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