Kamis, 29 Agustus 2013

UberStrike SMG Cheat: 300 Damage/Shot, No Recoil, Max Accuracy, 3k Ammo

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today I wanna release my cheat for UberStrike! Hope you'll enjoy. If you have questions, suggestions or similar stuff, just ask here!

THIS WILL ONLY WORK WITH THE NON-BROWSER VERSION OF UberStrike (So you need to download it)

300 Damage per Shot
No Recoil
Max Accuracy
3k Ammo
(All options can be turned on/off seperatly and are ONLY FOR SMG)

How to use:

Start UberStrike
Start UberStrikeSMG.exe
Turn on functions w/ F1-F4
If done w/ cheating, press INSERT.
Dont close the window itself via X, otherwise all stats will be modded for the gaming session or unless you turn on the cheat again. 



Q: Can't start the file because "MSVCP110.dll" or a similar dll is missing, what should I do?

A: Get this

Virus Scan


Download Link:
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