Senin, 07 Oktober 2013

AYAWMANMIK Special Force Cheat Public V 2.0----Still Working

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Tested OS:
Windows XP 32 Bit---> Tested
Windows 7---> Not Tested
Windows Vista---> Not Tested

Tested Game:

Special Force PH DFI
I Dont Know In Other SF Version

How To Use:

1.Open Injector
2.Rename specialforce.exe Or specialforce 
3.Browse The DLL 
4.Open SpecialForce DFI PH I Dont Know Other Version
5.Start Game
6.Massage Box Appear "Ok" Only
7. Happy Cheatiing


Insert-to toggle on/off the Menu
Arrow Keys= Navigate Up/Down/Right/Left

ScreenShot In Lobby:

Download Now
Download Now