Senin, 07 Oktober 2013

[BUG]How to play with same champions 5V5

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[BUG]How to play with same champions 5V5
Hi , do not know when it was discovered this bug, but if you want to play 5 vs 5 with the same champions (see spoiler) just follow the proceedings. D:

  1. Download the file from here : CLICK HERE and put it in C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\rel*eases\0.0 .1.51\deploy\lib.
  2. Open client create a room custoom aram / ​​classic
  3. Writing in the title .. '5 VS 5 Soraka garen ecc '
  4. Wait until they all come and then starta, (but before, you decide which champion to choose ..)
  5. SAMPLE CLICK ON THAT CHAMPION AND DON'T LOCK (Click that and nothing else, must do all that!)
  6. Are you up to the game loads and will hang alone and gg!
  7. (Surely will ban only the creator of the room so if you join gg bb riot xD)


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