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League of Legends Auto Lane Picker

What is an Auto Lane Picker?
It is a program who can secure you position in Leauge of Legends. You will always be the first who “type” a lane. With this simple tool you will be able to get whatever position you want. Of cause there will always someone who thinks they are first but you have a huge advantage with this tool.

Can this get me banned?
No. You can currently not get banned for using this tool. It don’t change anything except the LoL Patcher name (Only if you turn auto run on) and Riot cannot see wish programs are running. So you cannot get banned for using Auto Lane Picker.

How this works:
I could write a whole report about this but basically it takes a screenshot and then it will start analyzing all pixels on the screen. In Champion Select it only scans some special pixels to make sure where the chatbox is. The auto run function is a new feature. How this works: Lane Picker will extract another program who reads some registry keys to get the location of LoL Patcher and Lane Picker.

Changelog for
- Fixed a bug with some huge screen resolutions.
- New features. Auto run and pre-installed lanes.
- Added error code so you can check the error by your own.
- Faster than ever before.

Is this virus?
NO! Lane Picker is 100 % clean of virus. I’m the developer of Lane Picker and I had made all of it by myself. So there is no VIRUS!
Here are some virus scans: There are 4 scans because there is a program inside of Lane Picker so you can set it to automatic open Lane Picker with LoL. That’s why there are 4 scans.
If there is anybody who thinks this are virus then contact me and I will prove it by showing the code (Only members of mpgh.net)

Scan of Auto Lane Picker:
- http://www.virustotal.com/en/file/c2...is/1381740462/

Scan of the program inside of Lane Picker:
- https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/0...is/1381740486/

Demonstration video:

When downloading you also agree too:
1. You will not upload (leech) this program anywhere else WITHOUT my permission.
2. Decompiling or reading contents of the program is strictly forbidden.

Error Codes:
If there is someone who get an error check here what you can do to fix it.
Error code 1: Try to resize the Lol Client window to the minimum.
Error code 2: Try to resize the Lol Client window to the minimum.
Error code 3: Disable auto run and enable again.
Error code 4: Disable auto run and enable again.

Have fun! Please leave a thanks and a comment 

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