Kamis, 24 Oktober 2013

One Hit Kill 80.K XP Booster V-39 CoD Black Ops 2

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This Tool was made © by Kendoyavuz

One Hit Kill 80.K XP Booster V-39

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1-Make A Class With SMG Weapon ( what you want )
2-Add the extensions Long Barrel and Extendet Clips to the Weapon
3-Add Perk 3 Greed with the extension extreme Conditioning
4-Make one Kill in a TDM Game With The Weapon
5-And Go out from the Game ( Bann Risk is not so High = 60.K)
6-When You finish and win the Game ( you have 80.K )

Very Importent:
When the game was updated / The current version is V -39 Playlist is 41.etc.. \ Do not use the cheat


1: Start Black Ops 2
2: Go To Barracks
3: Open The Tool and use the Button
4: CLOSE the Tool
5: Play your Game

At Your Own Risk

Download Now
Download Now