Selasa, 08 Oktober 2013

World Of Tanks (Free gold Working with screen shots) Tutorial

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Hello all first of all its really legal!

I found poker site witch one gaves 50$ no deposit bonus and you can withdraw it to Ultimate Game Card codes!!!!

I will show some pictures of my accounts, first of the my main and second screen from my "test account for gold"

Screen Shot: 

So how to get these gold for free?

Go to site - register there, and you will get 50$ for playing, but in cashier button you can withdraw it to - Skrill, Bank, UGC and more! UGC- Ultimate Game Card.

When you select payment method to Ultimate Game Card write in botom your email and you will get PIN CODE for 50$ on any game witch one accepts Ultaime Game Cards.

Only one 50$ bonus on one IP address, so go to your neighbours and get much codes for much gold!

Its really Legal becasue Ultimate Game Cards are acceptable for payment on WarGaming.

So good luck for every one!
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