Jumat, 29 November 2013

[1.7.2] Diffusion l Themes Customization - Minecraft

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Client: Diffusion
Client by: Bacca and Chris with Team Infinity

“This was coded by Bacca and Chris over at Team Infinity and has over 25 mods installed! Have fun with the client and enjoy!” – Bacca

 Screen Shot

Features and Keybinds

GUI – Right Shift
Auto Tool – J
Bread crumbs – B
Chest ESP – Y
Click Teleportation – NONE
Criticals – Semicolon
Player ESP – P
Fast break – I
Fast place – L
Flight – R
Fullbright – C
Glide – UP Key
God Mode – NONE
Kill Aura – K
Mob Aura – NONE
Nofall – N
Noswing – NONE
NoWeather – M
Nuker – V
Regen – G
Safewalk – NONE
Step – COMMA
Projectiles – Z
Wallclimb – H
Xray – X

.theme (color: blue, orange, purple, read)
.friend add/del [player]
.bind add [cheat] [bind] / bind del [bind]
.toggle [cheat]
.tp [player]
.say (message)
.cc – Currently NOT working
.up [amount]

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