Jumat, 22 November 2013

FluX- 22.11.2013 [Bug Fix] [Daily Update] [Free VIP Cheat] - Cross Fire

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The site has finally moved completely and the new Cheat you can download directly

There is no DLL RAR archive! The DLL is automatically downloaded in the second form in the Cheat!

- Revision: 10/26/2013
- Status: Undetcted

Change log:
- Fixed Cheat
- Updated Cheat

1 Downloaded the Cheat.
2 Unzip all the files on your desktop.
3 Starts Cheat application as an administrator!
4 Selects your Crossfire folder
5 Pressing on Next ->
6 Selects the DLL.
7 Has> and waits until the ProgressBar charged - pushing on Next
8 Withheld "Advertising Skip"
9 Flashes when the message Ok.
10th Start your Crossfire version.
11th The menu appears in the LogIn screen.

Insert: Show / Hide menu
Right arrow key: Activate function
Left arrow key: Function Disable
Select property Prev / Next Feature: Arrow keys up / down
Or menu with the mouse control!

If you receive any error, then read the ReadMe.txt!

Virus Scan:

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