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Jungle Timer 3.0 [Unbannable]

What's a Jungle Timer?
Its a tool (NOT A H@C K! Some people mistake this as a h@c k, its not.) which helps you time jungle camps. Very useful for those who are new to the jungle and for those who are just lazy. It works in a very simple way. Once you've killed a jungle camp (ex. ancient golem) you want to use the correct key to activate the timer (in this example numpad 1). Once you click it, the timer should start and you're off to go! (*make sure you've got NumLock enabled.)
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Can this get me banned?
No. This is an overlay tool. It does not modify and ingame values and it doesn't read them. It is also confirmed by Riot itself that these tools are not illegal.

1. Use Winrar or 7zip to extract JungleTimer.exe and Microsoft.VisualBasic.PowerPacks.Vs.dll
* IMPORTANT! You need to extract Powerpacks.vs.dll file where you extracted JungleTimer.exe *
2. Download .NET Framework version 4.0
3. Launch Jungle Timer
4. Start a game in LoL, go to options, video, and set window mode to borderless.

Virus Scan: (I have no idea what Gen:Variant.Kazy.169988 is, I can assure you that there isn't any virus here)
Jungle Timer 3.0.rar - Jotti's malware scan

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