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Aurora - GW2 Multi Cheat! by Buffy & Eiden

Aurora Beta Vol. 2.0 Participate now! - Windows 7 only!

Registration: open!

All Accounts have been viped, you need to register again!

Post any issues ( cause there will be issues ) BUT do not post here if you don't follow the thread! - don't cry about the cheat not working, it's beta, we are here to find out what works and what doesn't!
Constructive reviews only!

Aurora is a brand new, entirely in c++ coded multicheat for the game "Guild Wars 2". buFFy! and me have been developing this for a couple of weeks now and are extremly proud to present it!

Remember that you have to leave a feedback and post screenshots.
Also remember to censore every single shown playername, even if it's not you.



-Speed cheat
-Zoom cheat
-Field of View
-No Clip (World)
-No Clip (Object)
-Teleport on Kill
-Autoloot when above
-Autoloot with teleport
-Click to Teleport


-3 Rotationmodes
-Don't rotate
-by character
-by camera
-Show heading
-customizable refreshrate
-customizable color
-customizable entitysizes
-customizable radarsize
-customizable transparency
-customizable position
-Teleport on Entityclick
-Show info on Entityhover
-Placeable on minimap
-Minimap dependand zoom

-Show HP
-Show distance
-Show Player Names
-Show Health Bars
-works through walls


-Target on leftclick
-Teleport on rightclick
-customizable position
-Friendly and Foe Count (extremely helpful in WvW)
-Downed players
-Distinguishes between foes and friendly

Teleporter: - will/can get you banned, feature will be removed in final version!

-Teleport to any coordset
-Load lists
-Save lists
-Create own waypoints
-Rename own waypoints
-Delete own waypoints
-Display own position
-A huge database of waypoints
-Midnight compatible
-supports auto and manual sync


-Take items from tradingpost (from everywhere)
-Deposit / Withdraw gold;silver;copper (from everywhere)
-Autoexplore Waypoints
-Autoexplore Vistas
-Autoexplore Points of interest
-Autogather resources
-customizable Gather/Explore delay
-WvW-Mode (disables Teleports)
-2 Teleportmodes:
-Chickenmode (prevents death)
-fully customizable hotkeys
-automatically saves and loads settings
-Easy handling and layperson friendly
-Automatically updates itself
-Always up to date!


-Chat with other Aurora users!
-supports timestamps


-Playerwarning with distance


How to:

- Download Aurora.zip Below
- Extract into an empty folder!
- Run Guild Wars 2, login to your account!
- Run Aurora.exe
- Inject to your Guild Wars 2 process
- Register an account (Registration is through the program itself)! Remember your datas well, you can only register 1 account!
- Login!
- Have fun!
- After closing Guild Wars, run killaurora.bat, otherwhise the Aurora process will remain in your process list!

Download Now