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[SF2 EU] iXel AimB-0-t V1.0

Good day people,

We have just finished our SKILL
cheat will be released tomorrow here in the forum. Unfortunately, only a small AimB-0-t exists because SKILL cheats write but unfortunately is not the easiest.

I want you in advance for the top together with the other it has really thank was fun to work with you every day.



This cheat only contains only a Aimb-0-t. (The TriggerB-0-t is Not functional)
Currently, the Undetected and will be released tomorrow here in the forum.
We ask, however, to be very careful because aim
B-0-ts quickly fly up and can lead to permanent account lock! We are liable for ANY account.

At first you go into the game, present your graphic to 800x600.
Download Ixel Pub, download Perx. Dll Add B0TH. Perx in and the process name is sf2.exe.
And start game

Injector : Here  
Download Now