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Selection CANA Combat Arms Cheat

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1. Get A Undetected Injector... I Reccomend Masters V2.1 Injector
2. Inject Dll
3. Click Insert In-Game For

Recomend By: @skillkill

1. download the
cheat and extract it in to a folder with 7zip or winrar.
2. cipher it using the 'Smple PE Cipher' on this forum.
3. using extreme injector (which is what i used), go to the options and choose scramble .dll and scramble it - name it something random like cucumber.
4. in the options, click start in secure mode, this will restart the injector with a weird name.
5. check all the options on the top right hand corner and tick the third option on the left hand box. make sure it is set to auto inject.
6. select your scrambled .dll and make sure that is all that is selected.
7. the process is Engine.exe
8. check that the .dll has weird name, the injector has a weird name, is set to auto-inject and that your anti-virus software is disabled.
9. start up combat arms, when you press "game start" a pop-up window should say "coder Dias"
10. in the log in screen or before that, there should be a menu of three
cheat  which can be toggled with the arrow keys and "insert".
11. wait until you are in-game before enabling a
cheat (just to be sure).
hope this helps.


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