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[New free tool] Championselect Caller - Ready to call!

Hey guys, we are here with a new tool called Champion select Caller.

The Championselect Caller (CC) is a smart tool which offers a lot of usability for summoners who'd like to inform their teammates their prefered roles. (Communication & teamwork is the key to success!) This application will automatically write saved texts into the chat when the champselect starts. It will help you to call your favourite role and ban wishes automatically.


How to use

- Start the application
- Prepare your text in the application
- Setup your delays (recommended 250-350)
- Start champselect. Make sure you don't click anywhere when champselect starts.
- CC will automatically be enabled again when your game finished.

Also notice

- If someone leaves the champselect, CC is still disabled. You have to manually reactivate it with a single click on the grey-circle (status icon next to the title) or right click the trayicon once.
- You can drag the LoL Client wherever you want. Just make sure it's completely on one screen if you are using multiple monitors.
- The size of the LoL Client does not matter. Resize it the way you want.


- If it's not working correctly, make sure you have admin rights to use this tool.
- Make sure no private chat is opened over the "send" area before champselect starts.
- Make also sure you don't click anywhere when champselect starts.
- Area that should be free (Picture)


To improve this application it would be awesome if you could take some time to write a feedback or if you found any bugs you can help improving this tool by contacting us. I'm looking forward to all comments. Thanks guys.


CC is from the well known and popular Jungle Timer LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe | Ready to Jungle!. So if you might not need this CC you maybe could also try that tool to improve your jungle style. It's also free and even Open Source. It would be awesome if you could upvote us on Reddit if you like this tool. Thanks.

TL;DR This new free program is calling your roles and bans in the Championselect chat automatimally.

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