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League Counters 1.2 (Updated)

What is League Counters ? 
League of Legends Counterpick and Synergy list for every champion! Gives advice on how to counter champions in LoL.

Thread for version 1.1 was deleted, hopefully in this update I've fixed everything. Now in sync with version 3.15 of League of Legends. Oh and my username is 'Gmtrcl' incase you would like to play with me sometime 

Some bug fixes and changes:
►New icon for Garen, Nocturne and Nasus.
►Added missing champions Xerath, Rengar, Vladimir, Nasus, Twitch and Sona.
►Added counter information for Pantheon.
►You can now click the the champion images under the counter information to navigate to the champions.
►Added Jinx to champions list.
►Changed counter information for whomever Jinx might have effected.
►Fixed a bug where Garen was good with himself.
►Fixed a bug where it wouldn't navigate to Fiddlesticks on Katarina's counter profile.
►Some minor visual changes and other small bug fixes to the code.

Virus scans:

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