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League of Legends Champion Selector v1.0 (with Lane Caller)

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League of Legends Champion Selector v1.0 by master131

League of Legends Champion Selector is a tool that allows you to choose your desired champion(s) in a flash and call out a lane before anyone else does. It does not require any extra configuration and works regardless of the window resolution, window position and game language. It's extremely quick and simple to use (100% noob proof).


Instructions: (make sure to extract the RAR properly)

1. Start League of Legends or start LoLChampSelect.exe (any order, doesn't matter).

2. Double-click on the desired champion(s) in order of preference (use the search box to help). You don't have to select more than one champion, it's optional. The reason why you can select more than one is because your first choice might be gone. If the champion you want to choose is currently Free-To-Play, tick the "Free to Play" box after clicking on the champion.

3. (optional) Enter a message in the box that says "Lane Call Message". This message will be typed automatically into the Team Chat box. This is extremely useful for calling lanes before anyone else.

4. Click the button with the picture of the floppy disk.

5. Enter a game mode of your choice and wait at the the champion select screen.

6. Sit back and let the tool choose your champion and type your message automatically in a flash.


- League of Legends must be the active window in order for this to work correctly. If it is minimized or not active when you click on the save button, the tool will automatically switch to the game.

- The champion select screen is detected automatically, the "Spectate Live" window will not interfere with champion detection.

- The "Lane Call Message" is only sent once the Team Chat box says "<summoner name> has entered the chat" so you might notice that your message sits there for a few moments.

- If a champion is greyed out or already selected, the tool might click on it anyway.

- If the champion you chose requires you to scroll down on the champion select screen then it won't be detected.

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