Rabu, 09 Oktober 2013

[OFFLINE]AC Public Cheat v4

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Status: ONLINE

  • Guid Activation (Same as v2)
  • 60+ Posts
  • 1 Thread/Topic in Member Introduction
  • and in Asianista Group
How to be in Asianista Group:
- Check your post now if all are valid/none spam post then submit for checking...
- Once your color changed then congrats

if 60 none spam post + 1 valid thread + checked = Asianista

Look For Any Admin For Checking... Thank You.


Download Now


Download the Cheat Loader.
Activate Your GUID:Here Guide How to Activate Ac Public Cheats

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Working To Xp/Vista/7

Don't forget to Run the loader as admin if you are using Windows Vista, 7 and 8.
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