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[Release]Cabal PH Wall Cheat on Public maps with injector

Latest version:
mikezWH v4.0
(now works on ALL maps,dungeons but not on MWAR ^^,)
supports ep10

Need injector to use this wall cheat
(use your own injector)

target process: cabalmain.exe

how to avoid gg error:
open injector then cabal client
before logging in your account,delete first all files in windows\prefetch folder
delete all erl files in gameguard folder

END key to activate wall cheat
(useful for laptop users)

Wall cheat is available on public maps EXCEPT bloodyIce,dessert scream,green despair and mission war.


leave comments for bugs

v1.1 fixed bug that causes lag
included injector
v1.2 Fixed small bug
v1.3 Changed hotkey from HOME to END
Removed injector
v1.4 Fixed gameguard detection
v1.5 update sept 6 patch
v1.5a fixed bug
v1.5b removed unwanted header that cause false detection
v1.6a now works on ALL maps,dungeons and MWAR
v2.1 now works on ALL maps,dungeons and but not on MWAR
v3.0 supports ep10
to those people asking for my code,i will never give that but i can give you hint:

first thing is to find the wall address
then find the pointer for it
then make a code like this logic:

while(not end of the wall address){
if (wall address is not 0)
WORKS ON XP 32bit,Win7 32bit and Win7 64bit:

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