Selasa, 22 Oktober 2013

[Release][GF]Kamer mod - level, fish, farm tool Metin2 Cheat

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LEVEL tool | FISH tool | FARM tool(Metin,boss,ore), works on GF Servers(DE, IT, RO, PL, ...)[no pserver]


1. Install to metin2 folder (C:/Program files/GameForgeLive/metin2 or something like that)
2. start with Metin2Mod_Launch.exe otherwise mod wont work

Update 20.10.2013
- Improved launcher
- Shop save price, like it was in old mod
Update 13.10.2013
- Added Antifly: /antifly command, restart game after off/on
Update 11.10.2013
- Fixed mobber
- Added Auto/Save Login
- Added /ghost command (after death)
- Added /buff command
- Added /zoom command zoom cheat
- Added /fog command fog cheat
Update 10.10.2013
- first release after new client update.

- when you get black screen post syserr.txt so i can know what's wrong.

- Mod includes pc and pc2 so you can make waitcheat/dmg cheat yourself

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Download Now