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BF3 OverDose [ESP, Aim]

Hey guys, so due to me being sent home from work and given the next day off (for BS reasons), I've stayed up all night working on some BF3. Credits to Chevyyy for the base, all i've done is fixed a bit on the aimb 0 t(although its still choppy), changed Autoshoot, minor adjustments to ESP. This is mostly just as a learning experience and i am learning as I go with BF3 so please bare with me

Credits: Chevyyy, Scrapdizle, Cypher Presents, dudeinberlin, Xerwell, Kozmo

PB Status: Undetected | [USE AT YOUR OWN RISK]

*I will be updating this soon with a menu class and some more optimizations

Name ESP
Distance ESP
Health ESP
No Recoil
No Spread
Aim b 0 t

Download Here