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LoL B 0 t By Daviddidi [BETA]

Hi !

Today, me give you the first version of my B 0 t.
The B 0 t and still in BETA, he will be improve it fur and in measure
For report bug, add me skype : Coredu54.


How it works :

The B 0 t will create automatics custom game in 5v5. It'll add one B 0 t and lock a random champion. The B 0 t is using an anti afk that will make your champion move every 2 minutes so you don't get disconnected. After 20 minutes it'll simply surrender and start another custom game.

What you'll need to do :

You need to use the B 0 t as this.

You need your desktop in 1280x1024 !

And in game 1280x768 in quality Low !
And you need your Desktop in white !

How to use it :

First, you'll need to connect to your account. Once you did that just start the B 0 t and press F1. The B 0 t will work alone. To stop the B 0 t just press F2 or close it in the task bar.

Virus Scans :


Download Now Here