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Summoner-Name Filter Bypass | All regions


inspired by this thread Name Filter Bypass , I tried to unlock the words for all regions, so that our foreign friends can have some fun with it too and it should probably work.

Note: This little bypass is for fun purposes only and not for racism or serious insulting. Keep that in mind.



de_DE = German, Germany

el_GR = Greek, Greece

en_AU = English, Australia

en_GB = English, Great Britain

en_US = English, United States

es_AR = Spanish, Argentina

es_ES = Spanish, Spain

es_MX = Spanish, Mexico

fr_FR = French, France

it_IT = Italian, Italy

ko_KR = Korean, Korea

pl_PL = Polish, Poland

pt_BR = Portuguese, Brazil

ro_RO = Romanian, Romania

ru_RU = Russian, Russia

tr_TR = Turkish, Turkey

Choose the file that matches your region and copy the file to:

Riot Games\rads\projects\lol_air_client\releases\0.0.1. 35\deploy\assets\locale\App - The "" may change after patches. Overwrite the old file with the downloaded one.

I recommend to copy the original file to a place where you remember it, so you can replace the patched file with the original one after you used it to get a fun-name.

Words like "Riot" or variants of it will not work, because people would be able to use Riot names to scam other people and I will not support that.


Download File