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2-14 Leagueb0t Cr@(ked Update

Update 2-14

No client modifications (unless you use the zoom Cheat)
Keeps track of enemy spell cooldowns for you (*NEW*)
Self, Enemy, and Tower range circles
Advanced Scriptable Spell Caster(*NEW*)
Scriptable AutoKiting(*NEW*)
Programmable hotkeys (40+ unique keywords per hotkey): full list
Custom hotkeyable chat messages
Optional Zoom Cheat (for bad monitors)
In game enemy and allied character data display(*NEW*)
Option to show last seen location of enemies on minimap(*NEW*)
Option to show timers on various jungle spawns
Heads up Display can also show #of hits remaining on minions

1) download
2) install
3) open l.exe
4) put in code
5) restart it

from there on you have to figure it out yourself you can go to the official website to get hotkeys

once you have your hotkeys hit load from file on the b 0 t open the text document and you should be good


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