Sabtu, 14 Desember 2013

LNL Pub Loader Edition II -New!

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PAg nag DDC(contol alt delete was press na cnasabe) sa inyo tambay muna sa lobby for 2-3minutes bago maglaru... or on nyu window mode tnx to "christianjay" for the idea.

Download and xtract,run loader post ur guid to be activated by the admins or moderators online, here or on sb.

In Game Screen Shot:

Loader SS:

*Features in the screenshot

Wall Cheat Hotkey= Numpad 1 ~ 9
Boost Menu = Insert
1hit =Auto On

How to Activate ?

Cick nyo eto tapos download nyu yung andon tapos basahin nyu lang yung instruction LAHAT para ma activate yung GUID nyu ..


Download Now
Download Now