Senin, 16 Desember 2013

Public LevelB 0 t by Xenox3 11.01.13 (EFlyff,DFlyff,USFlyff,FrFlyff...)

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The small LevelB 0 t is an extremly easy and smart LevelB 0 t.

PickUp B 0 t
LevelB 0 t
Copy all the files into the Flyff folder.
run FlyffB 0 t.exe as admin

The user must read and agree to the agreements (info.txt )

How to start?

or like this:

use /startgrinding again to deactivate the B 0 t.

Virus Scan
FlyffB 0 t.exe (2/47)
FlyffB 0 t.dll (2/47)
WinRar Paket (3/45)

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Flyff .rar
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