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[ModPacks] Iridium h-@-c-k-e-d Client [Tekkit lite 0.6.5 ] [Mindcrack 8.3.2] - Minecraft

I just made a client and i see there is none released so i will release this one.

How to Install for FTB ?

1.Download the cheat
2.Go to your FTB launcher
3.Choose one of the working packs and click "Edit Mod Pack"
4. Go to "JarMods"
5.Choose "Add Mod" and select the Iridium Client.zip
6.select "Minecraft Forge" and do "Disable"

How to Install for Tekkit Lite ?

1.Download modpack.zip
2.Press Start then open run
3.write %appdata%
4.open .technic then open tekkitlite
5.open the bin folder and replace the modpack.jar that is in there with the one that is in the downloaded zip
If you don't understand this if you are on xp go to
C:\Documents and Settings\Your user\Application Data\.technic\tekkitlite\bin then do step 5
For windows 7 go to
C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\.technic\tekki tlite\bin then do step 5

To bring up the crappy gui use Insert and to list dot commands do .commands

Features :

Gui (press INSERT to activate)
Selectable Xray (Select xray blocks using .blockadd and remove with .blockrem, Now also comes with .ba (id) and .br (id) (.ba adds blocks to xray by id and .br removes them
NOTE: If you add stone you will lag like hell, IF YOU WANT TO ADD SUBIDS example 2500:5 you must only add 2500 and it will add the subids too)
Xray (All ores are in this xray it is activated by writing .xray)
Player ESP
Weather (client side do .weather to disable rain and snow)
Autowalk (Your player starts walking on his own)
AutoFish (Your player starts fishing on his own, You must right click on water once)
MultiMode (Do .MultiMode for this(A mode for the autofish that uses all 9 slots on the hotbar for switching rods while fishing)
SingleMode (Default AutoFish mode,only uses 1 rod ( do .SingleMode to switch to it from MultiMode)
NoFall (doesn't work on anti cheat servers)
Panic (the hotkey is P (tell me if you want it changed) basicly disables all cheats and you cant use the hotkeys and you can send dots in chat so it disables the dot commands too.
Fly (should bypass vanillas flying not enabled on this server (need someone to test))
Fastbreak (Now do .MineSpeed (value) to set the speed of fastbreak)
Nether Xray (do .netherxray to activate (xray for nether ores))
Freecam - now can dupe
Jump cheat-Do .JumpHeight (number) to modify how high you jump
Sprint cheat -Makes you sprint all the time
Killaura- An aura that kills players (doesnt face players so if you want it to look real use aimb-0-t with it)
Mobaura -An aura that kills mobs (not very good because to kill one mob it will waste your whole foodbar (but will kill the mob in about 3-4 secs)
Aimb-0-t- Faces you to the nearest mob/player
Sneak- Sends packets that makes other players on multiplayer see you as sneaking while you mantain your normal speed
Active list -Shows list of active cheats and the keybinds you set for them
Now changeable keybinds do (.keybind add (cheat) (letter/number) and .keybind rem (cheat) -not if you just do .keybind add (cheat) it will crash(and if you set two cheats on 1 keybind the old cheat will be bound but the new one wont)
NOTE: the keybinds will be saved when you exit the game (but not when you crash)
Step -treats blocks as steps and just walks up on them (do .StepHeight (number) to change how much blocks it walks over)
Text Radar (marked as radar in gui) Basicly writes which players are in 150 block radius of you and how much blocks exactly are they away (if they are 20 blocks near you then they will have a dark red name if more then 20 and less then 50 blocks away they will have a yellow name and if more then 50 they will have a dark blue name)
Fully Intagrated IRC chat with op support and all (Press End on your keyboard to open its chat (donjt worry it say IRC next to the chat box when speaking in irc)
/leave -leave the IRC chat
/join -join the channel if you left it
/nick (name) change your name
For securitish reasons it no longer says (player name) has joined the channel but now it says Somebody has joined the channel
Update Prompt- thats right when an update is out it will notify you to go get it you can press yes and no yes will take you to this thread and no will go to your main menu and you can continue playing
New clickable and dragable gui which is pure awesome.

Screen Shots

Virus Scan

Change Log

Fixed xray not loading Tekkit lite Redpower gems
Fixed xray not loading tekkit lite IC2 uranium
Added A nether xray which xrays nether ores
Added more info to .blocklist
Added pictures of the new features under screenshots
Added Divine ores to b0th .xray and Selectable xray
Added Player ESP,Tracers,Wallcheat,Nuker,AutoFish ( and the modes),AutoWalk,Weather,Fastbreak speed.
Fixed not being able to place doors,torches and ect
ReAdded Freecam (which can now dupe and is way better)
Added speedcheat
Added Sprint cheat
Added Sneak cheat
Remastered gui (looks WAAAAy better now and is clickable and dragable)
Added IRC chat(a chat that allows everybody using the client to comunicate)
Added Text Radar
Added Killaura
Added Aimb-0-t
Added Mobaura
Added .ba (id) (which adds ores to SXray using its id (if you want to add a sub id example = 2500:5 do .ba 2500 and the subid itself will be added)
Added .br (id) (Removed an ore from xray by id)
Added Customizable keybinds that show on the active cheat list and save everytime you quit so you dont have to reset them every time
Added .bind add (cheat) (letter/number) (when you change an a bind the active list will auto update and show the new keybind (dont bind 2 cheats on the same letter/number)
Added .bind rem (cheat)
Added Step cheat
Added Jump cheat with customizable jump height
Added Active list which shows all of the active cheats and their keybinds (you have to have a resolution of normal or small for them to show)
Removed the user list when joining IRC.

Download Now
Iridium Client
Modpack -must extract