Sorrykidv8 Crossfire Jaban Simple Cheat

Hello Sorrykid Jaban V1

I add GameGuard Bypass
Simpla Cheat Wall Cheat and Seeghost All Auto on

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[Release || 1.7.2] Kronos v1.8 [40, 000+ Downloads!] - Minecraft

Kronos is a client that i have been coding for a few months now and i have been keeping the client on youtube but i have decided that it should be posted in more places than just youtube. Kronos has a pretty neat GUI that in my opinion looks good. Hope you guys get the chance to try it out and tell me what you think of it .



FastFall (NCP Bypassed)
Autotool (NCP Bypassed) BROKEN
Fastplace (NCP Bypassed)
Glide (NCP Bypassed)
Step (NCP Bypassed)
Nuker (NCP Bypassed) BROKEN
Random-Switch (NCP Bypassed)
Kill-Aura (NCP Bypassed)
Mob-Aura (NCP Bypassed)
Bow-Aimb0t (NCP Bypassed)
Rapid-Fire BROKEN
Criticals (NCP Bypassed)
Anti-Velocity (NCP Bypassed)
Auto-Soup (NCP Bypassed)
Auto-Block (NCP Bypassed)
Quake-Aura (NCP Bypassed)
Freecam (NCP Bypassed)
Sexy inbuilt spammer
Auto Darkb0t Tool
Creative Control [Glichy at this point in time!] BROKEN
.speed set/default [speed]
.aps set/default [attacks_per_second]
.ar set/default [aura_range]
.nr set/default [nuker_range]
.cc pos1/pos2 [creative control]
Alt Manager BROKEN
Proxy Manager

Kronos-1.8-1.7.2.rar - Jotti's scan

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[1.7.2] Diffusion l Themes Customization - Minecraft

Client: Diffusion
Client by: Bacca and Chris with Team Infinity

“This was coded by Bacca and Chris over at Team Infinity and has over 25 mods installed! Have fun with the client and enjoy!” – Bacca

 Screen Shot

Features and Keybinds

GUI – Right Shift
Auto Tool – J
Bread crumbs – B
Chest ESP – Y
Click Teleportation – NONE
Criticals – Semicolon
Player ESP – P
Fast break – I
Fast place – L
Flight – R
Fullbright – C
Glide – UP Key
God Mode – NONE
Kill Aura – K
Mob Aura – NONE
Nofall – N
Noswing – NONE
NoWeather – M
Nuker – V
Regen – G
Safewalk – NONE
Step – COMMA
Projectiles – Z
Wallclimb – H
Xray – X

.theme (color: blue, orange, purple, read)
.friend add/del [player]
.bind add [cheat] [bind] / bind del [bind]
.toggle [cheat]
.tp [player]
.say (message)
.cc – Currently NOT working
.up [amount]

Virus Scan

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DisOwned VIP [AlwaysCrosshair][UnlimtedAmmo][Chams][AimCorrection][Much More]

Ok ! here my new cheat for you guys !


DisOwnedVIP.rar MD5:c4bbda7e9b38524e3b02a93fb9fe822b -
DisOwnedVIP.rar - Jotti&

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XKTrainer | v89 and v90 - Dragon Nest

    This is a recoded trainer fixing all the bugs that are currently in there. If there still exist tell me so.

    This has been tested on Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista. All versions. x86 and x64

    So if you have problem regarding teleport then i dont know the answer. :]


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What server are this trainer supports?

    Atm, this trainer supports PlayDGN(Private Server) & DragonNest SEA (Official Server)

    How do I use this?

    Just put it in your DragonNest folder and run XKTrainer.exe

    What about Multiclient? Is it supported?

    Yes, this works just press Launch DragonNest on the trainer Menu.

    No Cooldown is just for show! The heck is that!

    Yes, if you are talking about the damaging skills, then YES it is only for show. This No cooldown thing actually works with evasion skills such as Tumble, Aerial Evasion etc etc.

    How to teleport on the specified location?

    There are hotkeys regarding multiclient, they are F1-F10, and you can as well manually teleport to the location you want by Right clicking the coordinate and selecting ‘Teleport’

    Will I get banned by using this trainer?

    Yes, there is always a risk in using trainers. So be careful.

    What about DN NA? or EU?

    Sad to say but, I cant give you trainers for that. Since they have country block, I cant play those servers. >.<

    Virus Scans:
    XKTrainer.rar - Jotti's malware scan

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Jungle Timer 3.0 [Unbannable]

What's a Jungle Timer?
Its a tool (NOT A H@C K! Some people mistake this as a h@c k, its not.) which helps you time jungle camps. Very useful for those who are new to the jungle and for those who are just lazy. It works in a very simple way. Once you've killed a jungle camp (ex. ancient golem) you want to use the correct key to activate the timer (in this example numpad 1). Once you click it, the timer should start and you're off to go! (*make sure you've got NumLock enabled.)
Previous Version

Can this get me banned?
No. This is an overlay tool. It does not modify and ingame values and it doesn't read them. It is also confirmed by Riot itself that these tools are not illegal.

1. Use Winrar or 7zip to extract JungleTimer.exe and Microsoft.VisualBasic.PowerPacks.Vs.dll
* IMPORTANT! You need to extract Powerpacks.vs.dll file where you extracted JungleTimer.exe *
2. Download .NET Framework version 4.0
3. Launch Jungle Timer
4. Start a game in LoL, go to options, video, and set window mode to borderless.

Virus Scan: (I have no idea what Gen:Variant.Kazy.169988 is, I can assure you that there isn't any virus here)
Jungle Timer 3.0.rar - Jotti's malware scan

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Asian Gamerz Public Cheat v6 - 100% Working Tested by ME !

Cheat Feature (Auto)
Wall Cheat

xRay Wall Cheat

Asus Wall Cheat

Nacked Chams


Video Proof !


Download The DLL And The Injector
Extract To Desktop
Then Open Injector ( run as admin if your OS is Win 7/Vista )

Click Browse Then Select The AGPV1_JustCry.DLL
Then Open Your Special Force
Login Your Account


Injector Here
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DragoNesT GOLD ADDer v. 1.1.7 NO Survey , NO SPAM.

1.Just Open First your Dragon Nest
2. Then Run As Administrator The DragoNest GOLd ADDER
3.ENjoy And Happy Cheating...

Dragon Nest Gold Cheat and Generator Features:

Generate Gold -Unlimited
Stable Proxy Support
The Cheat tool works on all servers (SEA, NA, KR, JP and CN)
No confidential information needed to activate the Cheat
and Absolutely Free

Support By: DN CHerry Credits

PSONT fOrGet To sAY Thanks...

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Dragon Nest Patcher 0.3 (SEA): Disable GPK, Multiclient, Unblock Global Hotkeys, etc

Notice: After some time this post will be locked and I will not be able to edit it. If you have some questions check the posts towards the end of the thread for possible answers.

Dragon Nest Patcher 0.3 (SEA): Disable GPK, Multiclient, Unblock Global Hotkeys, etc

Version 0.3 of my Dragon Nest Patcher for Dragon Nest SEA (not tested with other versions).
Works for the current (v.89), older (from v.64), and future (?) versions of the game.


    Disable Game Protect Kit/rootkit: Needed for multiclient and allows you to use other tools on the game. (recommended)
    Multiclient: Allows you to run multiple instances of the game. Patches both "dragonnest.exe" and "dnlauncher.exe". (recommended)
    Unblocks Global Hotkeys: Allows you to use hotkeys set in other applications while playing the game
    Disable zoom out limit: You can zoom out endlessly.
    Disable UAC admin request: Doesn't require admin rights to run the game (no UAC prompt). You may still need admin rights to update (if no write access).
    Patcher will detect and tell you if and what things are already patched (see the log).
    Patcher checks if any new version is available, if there is it displays a message about it.

Basic instructions

1. Extract the "DragonNestPatcher.exe" in to your Dragon Nest install folder
2. Run the "DragonNestPatcher.exe" (you may need to run it as admin if it doesn't have write access to the files)
3. Click "Patch"
4. Run "dnlauncher.exe" to start the game (the default way to start the game)

You need to have .NET framework 4.0 or newer installed to run it.

You don't have to create any shortcuts to start the game. But those will also work if you prefer to use them instead of the launcher.

Backup copies of all changed files are created automatically (unless you tell it not to).

Patcher will detect and tell you if and what things are already patched (see the log).


Common questions and answers. Any questions answered here will not be answered again.

Q.1: Can I have gold/enchantment cheat?
A: No. It can't be done client side. (Unless a severe server exploit is found.)

Q: What is "Unblocks Global Hotkeys" used for?
A: It just allows you to use global hotkeys set in other applications while the game window is in focus.
For example if you have a global hotkey in your media player to play the next song, while in the game you couldn't use it (unless it's special media keys maybe).
With this patch you can use the hotkeys to control the media player while playing the game.


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Gurilya Hits The town 5000% w/ WaLL CHEAT

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Olwayy D3D Simple Universal Other CF

Hello -MPGH- members today i want release my simple d3d cheat

Windows 7 32 bit "Working"
Windows 7 64 bit "Working"
Windows 8 32 bit "No"
Windows 8 64 bit "No"
Windows xp "No"

»Wall cheat Numpad1 or ≈F2≈
»FullBright Numpad2 or ≈F3≈
»Crosshair ≈Auto≈ on

How to use:
Use any undetected injector!

or Use this undetected injector HERE


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[Undetected] New Zoom Cheat

Hi! This is a better version of my old Zoomcheat.
It will probably work forever as i don't use memory addresses or patterns that could break after updates.


-should work on every OS
-make sure you have administrator rights
-eventually run in compatibility mode (try different settings)
-Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)


• fix Minimum Zoom
• fix Maximum Zoom
• pageidentification, won't ever need an update
• does not modify any constants (like the other zoomcheats do)
• thus, does not appear in the logs
• lightweight (12kb, no shitty gui)
• 100% undetected!


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LoL Cheats - xMultiHook v1.0 *100% Trusted*


Helper :
- Jungle Timer (Top, Minimap, All)
- Turret Range Circle (Ally, Enemy, All)
- Champion Range Circle (Ally, Enemy, All)
- Self Range Circle
- LastHit Indicator
- Auto-LastHit (with Toggle Key)
- Auto-Smite (with Toggle Key)
- Auto-Ignite (with Toggle Key)

3D Radar :
- Show Champion
- Show Minion
- Show Turret
- Show Building (Barracks, Nexus)
- Show Ward
- Show Neutral
- Show Spawnable

Esp :
- Name Info
- Health Info
- Mana Info
- Cross Icons (5)
- Show Team (Ally / Enemy / All)

Panel :
- Draw Players Info on the left (HP, MP)
- Show Level
- Show Ultimate Cooldown
- Show Team (Ally / Enemy / All)

H@K :
- Mini-MapH@KK*
- Ward MapH@kK**
- Fov H@kK

Misc :
- 100% configurable Menu (Enable / Disable features with pure ease)

- No Anticheat.
- Anti-Leak protection.

Screen Shots:

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CF Simple Cheat - Always Head shot - One hit Kill - No recoil

- Always headshot (F8 to toggle on/golden/normal)
- No recoil and spread (F9 to toggle on/off)
- One hit kill (F10 to toggle on/off (only when always headshot is on); Rifle, MG, SMG only)
- Faster movement (F11 to toggle on/off; Rifle, MG, SMG only; might cause Client Error)
- No grenade damage(F12 to toggle on/off)

Visual C++ Redistributable 2012
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
Install them and reboot your system before you crap this thread

How to use:
- run the .exe as admin
- press activate
- start crossfire

2 / 47
1 / 23

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New Avatar Star PH AimB0+


1>Download the file
2>Open the file
3> Click the Perx Injector
4> Insert the Avatar Star Cheat Dll.

Screen Shoot

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Gommo and PHO VIP Cheat - Special Force

Aim B 0 T
Wall Cheat
Speed Cheat
Super Jump
No ReCoil
Unli Ammo

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GC Free Public VIP v23

1.Download The GC Pub Cheat
2. Run The Loader if Your OS is Win 7 Run The Loader AS ADMIN.
3. A Window Will Pop up Then Press Skip Ad.
4. Then Press Enter in the Loader and Start Special Force.
5. Enjoy Gaming Nigga`s B)

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LoL B 0 t By Daviddidi [BETA]

Hi !

Today, me give you the first version of my B 0 t.
The B 0 t and still in BETA, he will be improve it fur and in measure
For report bug, add me skype : Coredu54.


How it works :

The B 0 t will create automatics custom game in 5v5. It'll add one B 0 t and lock a random champion. The B 0 t is using an anti afk that will make your champion move every 2 minutes so you don't get disconnected. After 20 minutes it'll simply surrender and start another custom game.

What you'll need to do :

You need to use the B 0 t as this.

You need your desktop in 1280x1024 !

And in game 1280x768 in quality Low !
And you need your Desktop in white !

How to use it :

First, you'll need to connect to your account. Once you did that just start the B 0 t and press F1. The B 0 t will work alone. To stop the B 0 t just press F2 or close it in the task bar.

Virus Scans :

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League Tool's Bar Modifier - League of Legends

Hey guys,
today I'm bringing you nothing special, just a little tool/api to modify the bar color in league of legends.
Currently the only supported bar is the healthbar but im looking forward to bring you more modifications...

VirusTotal -
Jotti - LeagueTools_BarModifier.rar - Jottis Malwarescanner

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[Release] RO2b 0 t Release (Level/Farm/PVP...) - Ragnarok

RO2b 0 t is a powerful and efficient assistant for RO2 players, help players when leveling, farming, PVP.... It is made according to the game rules.

The functions:
1. Auto hit mobs;
2. Auto buffs;
3. Mob filter;
4. Auto use skills;
5. Auto eat and drink;
6. Priest auto heal;
7. Auto use "land of Recovery";
8. Auto loot;
9. Item filter;
10. Auto walk;
11. Auto supply (buy, sell, repair)
12. Auto collection;

The b 0 t supports:
NA server
Thailand server

You can test at daily free trial time
NA server: 0:00-2:00, 12:00-14:00 (UTC-8)
Thailand server: Free

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World of Tanks Working Cheat

Hey guys since World of Tanks v0.8.7 i am Using this cheat wich is below but first of all i want to tell you how u can get it and also what can it do?

It says so much thinks and i know so much people want to know also how it is ingame.. so watch this video 

The price of this cheat is 6.83 Euros at the moment but i didn't got banned and i am still using it.. there are so much things which is very good to use ingame like artymode etc.
but u will get also a B 0 t wich is fighting also and driving also for u and u get also and DWIN changer.. so wargaming will not find u.

if u want to buy it u have to klick first on login and register then... after registrated you can buy it.
please dont share this everywhere

They are updating every cheat after the new client is released (takes just time between 1-4 hours but then u cheat start again your cheat)

Official Homepage > Buy Key here

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Abs | Esp | Aim | Zombie OPK | Auto Ammo | GM Warning | and Much more - War Rock

Virus Scan Here
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NoviGäó SFDFI v4.0 - Special Force DFi

1.Only use Extreme Injector v2 and don't forget to run it as Admin
2.Dont delete setting.xml
3.Have fun

Clean Prefetch and Temp Folder
Located here:

Press Share ! Enjoy Cheating :)

Virus Scan Here
Download Now Here

FluX- 22.11.2013 [Bug Fix] [Daily Update] [Free VIP Cheat] - Cross Fire

The site has finally moved completely and the new Cheat you can download directly

There is no DLL RAR archive! The DLL is automatically downloaded in the second form in the Cheat!

- Revision: 10/26/2013
- Status: Undetcted

Change log:
- Fixed Cheat
- Updated Cheat

1 Downloaded the Cheat.
2 Unzip all the files on your desktop.
3 Starts Cheat application as an administrator!
4 Selects your Crossfire folder
5 Pressing on Next ->
6 Selects the DLL.
7 Has> and waits until the ProgressBar charged - pushing on Next
8 Withheld "Advertising Skip"
9 Flashes when the message Ok.
10th Start your Crossfire version.
11th The menu appears in the LogIn screen.

Insert: Show / Hide menu
Right arrow key: Activate function
Left arrow key: Function Disable
Select property Prev / Next Feature: Arrow keys up / down
Or menu with the mouse control!

If you receive any error, then read the ReadMe.txt!

Virus Scan:

Download Here


Hello Everyone
i'm just playing League of legends , as everyone I can't buy all the game skins ; maybe not I cant play with Victorious "Elise" 'Janna' Or all the Legacy Skins at once ;..... Why not .
I Found that the Lolskins project is coming back with this new version before the start of the season 4 .

watch this video from youtube:

Download Here

Dragon Nest Custom Costume Cheat Mods 2013

- "" contains the tools used to generate these mods
- "" contains the above screenshots
- "Costumes" contains costumes part replacements
- "Helmets" contains helmet replacements
- "Wings" contains wing replacements
- "Weapons" contains weapons and offhand replacements

Sample costume mods

Download Here