League Counters 1.2 (Updated)

What is League Counters ? 
League of Legends Counterpick and Synergy list for every champion! Gives advice on how to counter champions in LoL.

Thread for version 1.1 was deleted, hopefully in this update I've fixed everything. Now in sync with version 3.15 of League of Legends. Oh and my username is 'Gmtrcl' incase you would like to play with me sometime 

Some bug fixes and changes:
►New icon for Garen, Nocturne and Nasus.
►Added missing champions Xerath, Rengar, Vladimir, Nasus, Twitch and Sona.
►Added counter information for Pantheon.
►You can now click the the champion images under the counter information to navigate to the champions.
►Added Jinx to champions list.
►Changed counter information for whomever Jinx might have effected.
►Fixed a bug where Garen was good with himself.
►Fixed a bug where it wouldn't navigate to Fiddlesticks on Katarina's counter profile.
►Some minor visual changes and other small bug fixes to the code.

Virus scans:

Download Now Here

League of Legends Champion Selector v1.0 (with Lane Caller)

League of Legends Champion Selector v1.0 by master131

League of Legends Champion Selector is a tool that allows you to choose your desired champion(s) in a flash and call out a lane before anyone else does. It does not require any extra configuration and works regardless of the window resolution, window position and game language. It's extremely quick and simple to use (100% noob proof).


Instructions: (make sure to extract the RAR properly)

1. Start League of Legends or start LoLChampSelect.exe (any order, doesn't matter).

2. Double-click on the desired champion(s) in order of preference (use the search box to help). You don't have to select more than one champion, it's optional. The reason why you can select more than one is because your first choice might be gone. If the champion you want to choose is currently Free-To-Play, tick the "Free to Play" box after clicking on the champion.

3. (optional) Enter a message in the box that says "Lane Call Message". This message will be typed automatically into the Team Chat box. This is extremely useful for calling lanes before anyone else.

4. Click the button with the picture of the floppy disk.

5. Enter a game mode of your choice and wait at the the champion select screen.

6. Sit back and let the tool choose your champion and type your message automatically in a flash.


- League of Legends must be the active window in order for this to work correctly. If it is minimized or not active when you click on the save button, the tool will automatically switch to the game.

- The champion select screen is detected automatically, the "Spectate Live" window will not interfere with champion detection.

- The "Lane Call Message" is only sent once the Team Chat box says "<summoner name> has entered the chat" so you might notice that your message sits there for a few moments.

- If a champion is greyed out or already selected, the tool might click on it anyway.

- If the champion you chose requires you to scroll down on the champion select screen then it won't be detected.

Virus Scans:
League of Legends Champion Selector v1.0 - by master131.rar - Jotti's malware scan

Download Now Here

[Release]Champion Picker - LOL

This is a pretty simple Champion Picker i programmed today.
When you start it, your Lol should get resized and moved to gurantee compatibility. Also there should be a new trayicon in your Taskbar, just rightclick it and select Settings to edit everything to your favor.

Champion Name: The name of the Champion you want
Send Message: Check it if you want it to send the message you typed below
into the Chat
Message: The Message that the program will send in the Chat
Write first/ Pick first: Select wether you want the b-0-t to pick your char first or to send the message first
Finally press save to save your settings or cancel to reset to your old settings

Public LevelB 0 t by Xenox3 11.01.13 (EFlyff,DFlyff,USFlyff,FrFlyff...)

The small LevelB 0 t is an extremly easy and smart LevelB 0 t.

PickUp B 0 t
LevelB 0 t
Copy all the files into the Flyff folder.
run FlyffB 0 t.exe as admin

The user must read and agree to the agreements (info.txt )

How to start?

or like this:

use /startgrinding again to deactivate the B 0 t.

Virus Scan
FlyffB 0 t.exe (2/47)
FlyffB 0 t.dll (2/47)
WinRar Paket (3/45)

Download Now

Flyff .rar

[idRO2] - Indonesian Ragnarok Online 2 - Delphine Bypass

IdRO2 now on Close Beta Test 2 untill 14 Aug 2013,

This is my first post and release (i'm a silent reader ).
Delphine bypass for latest client update (CBT2).

Place dph.ldr on SHIPPING folder, dont forget to backup the original one.

04/09/2013 - This bypass no longer working because of latest patch
28/08/2013 - It's working for OBT! have fun.

Please always scan the files you are downloading with VirusTotal
Download Now Here

Combat Arms D3D

Hello MPGH !

This  is AUTO ON D3D CHAMS for test

Tested On XP and W7 works fine.

Packed PECompact


XPW7.rar - Verificador de malware do Jotti

Download Now

[Release] - uNf Trainer & ESP

What this does:

- Increases client view distance of the map ( see people/terrain/npcs/siege/walls/gates/harvest nodes sooner ).
- Increases client render distance ( see terrain sooner instead of waiting for it to render for you ).
- See objects ( gates/walls/harvest nodes ) through terrain ( with just names OR hp bars aswell - for WvW it displays siege through walls with hp ).
- See player names through terrain ( HP bar option toggle on/off, also shows through terrain ).
- See NPC names through terrain ( HP bar option toggle on/off, also shows through terrain ).
- Brighter names/hp bars to display better.
- Gates & walls stay stored in memory and you can see them across the map in real-time being attacked/health going down ( for WvW and even works with some siege ).
- Chams changes the base texture color of a player and makes them bright and visible from far away.
- Saves login username/password.
- Saves last-used options, will turn them on automatically for you when Guild Wars 2 is loaded.
- Stored password for login is encrypted to prevent thievery.
- Works great through patches and if updates needed you'll get them automatically.

- All done with memory editing, no direct-draw, no compatibility issues, works on every system except mac.

Updated: 12/12/13 @ 9:03PM EST

Virus results can be found: here


LShift = For fly cheating ( jump then hit/hold/tap/toggle LShift to go up/down ).
LAlt = Sprint for speed cheating.

Addon for donators:

Mini ESP

Download Now

Ragnarok Online II Trainer SEA/NA/Alberta/Thai - PREVIEW !

Hi everyone, I'm developing a trainer for SEA and Thai at the moment, sea is nearly done. NA and Alberta (PS) are done.

If you want to discuss further more, you can email me at xkhen0030@gmail.com


"I've always been an unselfish guy, and that's the only way I know how to play on the court and I try to play to the maximum of my ability - not only for myself but for my fellow mens."

[ModPacks] Iridium h-@-c-k-e-d Client [Tekkit lite 0.6.5 ] [Mindcrack 8.3.2] - Minecraft

I just made a client and i see there is none released so i will release this one.

How to Install for FTB ?

1.Download the cheat
2.Go to your FTB launcher
3.Choose one of the working packs and click "Edit Mod Pack"
4. Go to "JarMods"
5.Choose "Add Mod" and select the Iridium Client.zip
6.select "Minecraft Forge" and do "Disable"

How to Install for Tekkit Lite ?

1.Download modpack.zip
2.Press Start then open run
3.write %appdata%
4.open .technic then open tekkitlite
5.open the bin folder and replace the modpack.jar that is in there with the one that is in the downloaded zip
If you don't understand this if you are on xp go to
C:\Documents and Settings\Your user\Application Data\.technic\tekkitlite\bin then do step 5
For windows 7 go to
C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\.technic\tekki tlite\bin then do step 5

To bring up the crappy gui use Insert and to list dot commands do .commands

Features :

Gui (press INSERT to activate)
Selectable Xray (Select xray blocks using .blockadd and remove with .blockrem, Now also comes with .ba (id) and .br (id) (.ba adds blocks to xray by id and .br removes them
NOTE: If you add stone you will lag like hell, IF YOU WANT TO ADD SUBIDS example 2500:5 you must only add 2500 and it will add the subids too)
Xray (All ores are in this xray it is activated by writing .xray)
Player ESP
Weather (client side do .weather to disable rain and snow)
Autowalk (Your player starts walking on his own)
AutoFish (Your player starts fishing on his own, You must right click on water once)
MultiMode (Do .MultiMode for this(A mode for the autofish that uses all 9 slots on the hotbar for switching rods while fishing)
SingleMode (Default AutoFish mode,only uses 1 rod ( do .SingleMode to switch to it from MultiMode)
NoFall (doesn't work on anti cheat servers)
Panic (the hotkey is P (tell me if you want it changed) basicly disables all cheats and you cant use the hotkeys and you can send dots in chat so it disables the dot commands too.
Fly (should bypass vanillas flying not enabled on this server (need someone to test))
Fastbreak (Now do .MineSpeed (value) to set the speed of fastbreak)
Nether Xray (do .netherxray to activate (xray for nether ores))
Freecam - now can dupe
Jump cheat-Do .JumpHeight (number) to modify how high you jump
Sprint cheat -Makes you sprint all the time
Killaura- An aura that kills players (doesnt face players so if you want it to look real use aimb-0-t with it)
Mobaura -An aura that kills mobs (not very good because to kill one mob it will waste your whole foodbar (but will kill the mob in about 3-4 secs)
Aimb-0-t- Faces you to the nearest mob/player
Sneak- Sends packets that makes other players on multiplayer see you as sneaking while you mantain your normal speed
Active list -Shows list of active cheats and the keybinds you set for them
Now changeable keybinds do (.keybind add (cheat) (letter/number) and .keybind rem (cheat) -not if you just do .keybind add (cheat) it will crash(and if you set two cheats on 1 keybind the old cheat will be bound but the new one wont)
NOTE: the keybinds will be saved when you exit the game (but not when you crash)
Step -treats blocks as steps and just walks up on them (do .StepHeight (number) to change how much blocks it walks over)
Text Radar (marked as radar in gui) Basicly writes which players are in 150 block radius of you and how much blocks exactly are they away (if they are 20 blocks near you then they will have a dark red name if more then 20 and less then 50 blocks away they will have a yellow name and if more then 50 they will have a dark blue name)
Fully Intagrated IRC chat with op support and all (Press End on your keyboard to open its chat (donjt worry it say IRC next to the chat box when speaking in irc)
/leave -leave the IRC chat
/join -join the channel if you left it
/nick (name) change your name
For securitish reasons it no longer says (player name) has joined the channel but now it says Somebody has joined the channel
Update Prompt- thats right when an update is out it will notify you to go get it you can press yes and no yes will take you to this thread and no will go to your main menu and you can continue playing
New clickable and dragable gui which is pure awesome.

Screen Shots

Virus Scan

Change Log

Fixed xray not loading Tekkit lite Redpower gems
Fixed xray not loading tekkit lite IC2 uranium
Added A nether xray which xrays nether ores
Added more info to .blocklist
Added pictures of the new features under screenshots
Added Divine ores to b0th .xray and Selectable xray
Added Player ESP,Tracers,Wallcheat,Nuker,AutoFish ( and the modes),AutoWalk,Weather,Fastbreak speed.
Fixed not being able to place doors,torches and ect
ReAdded Freecam (which can now dupe and is way better)
Added speedcheat
Added Sprint cheat
Added Sneak cheat
Remastered gui (looks WAAAAy better now and is clickable and dragable)
Added IRC chat(a chat that allows everybody using the client to comunicate)
Added Text Radar
Added Killaura
Added Aimb-0-t
Added Mobaura
Added .ba (id) (which adds ores to SXray using its id (if you want to add a sub id example = 2500:5 do .ba 2500 and the subid itself will be added)
Added .br (id) (Removed an ore from xray by id)
Added Customizable keybinds that show on the active cheat list and save everytime you quit so you dont have to reset them every time
Added .bind add (cheat) (letter/number) (when you change an a bind the active list will auto update and show the new keybind (dont bind 2 cheats on the same letter/number)
Added .bind rem (cheat)
Added Step cheat
Added Jump cheat with customizable jump height
Added Active list which shows all of the active cheats and their keybinds (you have to have a resolution of normal or small for them to show)
Removed the user list when joining IRC.

Download Now
Iridium Client
Modpack -must extract

LoLCamera 2.4.1: A new way to play! (Many fixes and improvement)

LoLCamera - Features:

=== 29 / 11 / 13 ===
- [FIX] Threshold value was too much sensitive when the mouse was going to the bottom of the screen (Thank Penteano)
- [FIX] Hotkeys when chat is opened (Thanks Penteano)
- [FIX] The loading screen detection has been fixed.
- [FIX] If you clicked on the minimap a second time, the camera refused to moved ; it is now fixed.
- [FIX] The locked camera was in conflict with LoLCamra when both were actived.
- [FIX] F2 / F3 / F4 etc... is now able to follow allies / ennemies

=== 21 / 11 / 13 ===
- [FIX] Quick fix, 3.14 patch broke LoLCamera, this patch fixes it (the loading screen isn't detected yet)

=== 14 / 11 / 13 (bis) ===
- [NEW] Focus/Hint weight are now disabled when the focused entity goes in Fog of War
- [NEW] Add a configurable hotkey "drag_key" for dragging the camera (middle mouse button by default) (Thanks Bziur)
- [FIX] Global weights weren't working correctly

=== 14 / 11 / 13 ===
- [NEW] "camera_scroll_speed_bottom" has been added and will control the camera speed when it goes to the bottom of the screen (Thanks Bziur & Penteano)
- [FIX] Global weight hotkey (L by default) has been fixed (it was activated even when the LoLClient was in foreground)
- [NEW] "global_weight_allies" and "global_weight_ennemies" have been added in LoLCamera.ini. Those parameters replace "global_weight", they do the same thing except it differentiate ennemies from allies now (Thanks Cobrand & Bziur)

=== 11 / 11 / 13 ===
- [FIX] Camera doesn't move weirdly anymore when locked camera is activated while LoLCamera is ON (thanks SomeAsianDude)
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________

LoLCamera is a project for replacing the in-game camera behavior of League of Legends.

It is similar to a locked camera, but instead of being permanently locked on your champion, you will be able to move according to your champion position, your mouse position, your left mouse click position, and the ennemies/allies positions.

All these parameters are configurable : You can enable, disable, increase or decrease each of these sensors in the LoLCamera.ini file.

Why would you need that ?

If you play constantly with locked camera, I strongly suggest you to give this tool a try.
The mouse movements are reduced.
On the left : LoLCamera is ON (almost no camera repositioning needed) - On the right : LoLCamera is OFF (lots of noise)

Default Shortcuts (configurable)


F11 : enable / disable LoLCamera

Space or F1 : Center the camera on the champion

F2, F3, F4, ... F10 : Focus the camera on allies / ennemies

M : Activate translation mode (free camera). Press M again to keep the current translation distance. Press Space if you want to reset it.

Keep pressing X in console if you want to exit.


Middle button drag : translate the camera

Hover the mouse on an ally / ennemy : Hint for keeping this champion in sight

Left click on an ally / ennemy : Add an additionnal hint for following the champion in sight

Spl3en (data mining & patching & camera behavior) 100%
jtjin (camera position computation & camera behavior)

LoLCamera 2.4.1Sp3len.rar - Jotti's scan

Download Now

Sudden Attack SEA Working CHAMS

Hey... I'm back after editing the DLL's file link. Took a long time, i was stucked . Anyways i will tell you what to do for this cheat...

Credits to whoever made it. I don't take FULL credits for this.


1. Download the file and injector into a thumbdrive/pendrive.

2. Run your SuddenAttack launcher (RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR)

3. Run the Injector (RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR)

4. Process name: suddenattack (NO NEED .exe)
Tick Auto-Inject
Browse for the Dll

5. After that enter your ID and Password for the Launcher.

6. Press Login, and AFTER THAT wait for the injector to say cheat injected or whatever, then IMMEDIATELY pull out the thumbdrive and close the injector menu.

7. Do not do anything just wait for the cheat to load.

8. After close game if you finished le, whatever error show up just press ok.

================================================== ================================================== ========


INSERT = SHOW / UNSHOW cheat menu


Recommended Injector would be Rullez injector: DOWNLOAD

Virus Scans:
Chams2.rar - Jotti's malware scan

Download Now

[MAT CIB SUBA THAI INDO]UnlimitedWeapons/Speed Cheat/AimB-0-t/ESPNAME/Fly Cheat/SuperSpeed


WindowsXP : not test
Windows7 32bit : not test
Windows7 64bit : Work All MAT
Windows8 : Work All MAT

How to use it work Fix dll Error :

msvcp100.dll msvcp100d.dll msvcp110.dll msvcr100d.dll msvcr100.dll msvcr110.dll msvcp71.dll

Copy to C:/Windows/System and C:/Windows/System32

Funtion Open Funtion the game in a room

Unlimited Jump
M60 Move
Speed Cheat
Base Walk Fly
Unlimited Gun and Ammo
Close MiniMap
Map Cheat
Aim B-0-t

Sorry Indo me not edit lable 2 Funtion in a program
F9/F10 SuperSpeed
F11/F12 BaseWalk

Program Is not advertisement not a conect a web !

Screen MATCIB :

Screen MATINDO :

Screen MATSUBA :

Screen MATTHAI :

Totorial Video 720P HD : 

VirusScan 1 :
MatCheatTool ByLittle MPGH.rar - Jotti's malware scan

VirusScan 2 :

Download Now

LNL Pub Loader Edition II -New!

PAg nag DDC(contol alt delete was press na cnasabe) sa inyo tambay muna sa lobby for 2-3minutes bago maglaru... or on nyu window mode tnx to "christianjay" for the idea.

Download and xtract,run loader post ur guid to be activated by the admins or moderators online, here or on sb.

In Game Screen Shot:

Loader SS:

*Features in the screenshot

Wall Cheat Hotkey= Numpad 1 ~ 9
Boost Menu = Insert
1hit =Auto On

How to Activate ?

Cick nyo eto http://oneclickshot.blogspot.com/2013/12/topic-tutorial-lnl-pub-activator.html tapos download nyu yung andon tapos basahin nyu lang yung instruction LAHAT para ma activate yung GUID nyu ..

VS: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/3477079534f42f3379698edd521b9fd33f4a306bcec9b12520f3629fe95b532f/analysis/1386686762/

Download Now

(PHOPub 1.21) WORKING [12-10-13]-[UNDETECTED]

Scree Shot :

Extract this to C:\Windows\System32
Paste nyu to sa SYSTEM32 hindi to ibrobrowse sa inject hmmpp! [click me]

Use PerX Injector - Download

Download Now

Undetected Blackshot Rapidfire

Hotkey in my SS and credit

How to use it?

1:Run the trainer as admin
2:Open blackshot launcher and enter in any gameplay room follow my video after you enter the game press "ALT+TAB" and open my trainer click left key mouse to active the rapidfire..
3: Do not activate the trainer why bcoz you cannot move any browser in your desktop...just activate it when you are in game play room..
4:use weapon like my video tutorial in any weapon i don't test yet...

Windows 7 64bit work
32bit not tested
Windows 8 not tested
XP not tested

Virus Scan

Download Now

[SF2 EU] iXel AimB-0-t V1.0

Good day people,

We have just finished our SKILL
cheat will be released tomorrow here in the forum. Unfortunately, only a small AimB-0-t exists because SKILL cheats write but unfortunately is not the easiest.

I want you in advance for the top together with the other it has really thank was fun to work with you every day.



This cheat only contains only a Aimb-0-t. (The TriggerB-0-t is Not functional)
Currently, the Undetected and will be released tomorrow here in the forum.
We ask, however, to be very careful because aim
B-0-ts quickly fly up and can lead to permanent account lock! We are liable for ANY account.

At first you go into the game, present your graphic to 800x600.
Download Ixel Pub, download Perx. Dll Add B0TH. Perx in and the process name is sf2.exe.
And start game

Injector : Here  
Download Now

Small Release: Skill Grinding...With NSD and WH for PH

this is for skill grinding... , NSD , Perfect combo and WH but need to roll over

How to use:

this is a DLL so i think everyone here knows how to use it, just use a decent injector

if something pop up.. meaning injection successfull

for skill skill grinding,
prefered skill:
magic arrow
aqua arrow
terra arrow
wind arrow
fire arrow
freezing arrow

put all the skill i mention in the 1st slot and so on of your skill TAB or just see this picture

after you follow all the instructions.. you are ready for combo fast skill grinding

to enable NSD & perfect combo Press F5
to Disable NSD Press F8

To enable WALL CHEAT press END.

Note: Dami ko alam pero ito lang kaya ko ibigay... wag na mag request pa..
Win 7 po OS ko.. pag sa Win XP minsan my prob.. minsan Wala.. Chambahan lang..
Kung Duda kau na my keylogger sa 3.8Kb lang na size ng file wag na mag DL ehehe
Christmas ngaun Panahon ng bigayan hehehe

wag mahiya mag press ng thanks.. salamat

Download Now

[ Release ] Trainer for all EP8 Private Server

Working only in win7 x64 system...

1:run cabal
2:run trainer
3:select cabalwindows and press [shift+F12]

this trainer, become a problem for Private server.
i dont think more update...

Download Now

Dragon Nest SEA b0+ v110 R2 download

Top Features:
Multi-Client (open as many instances of Dragon Nest as you would like!)
Auto-Level B 0 t (works with most dungeons, please post here any dungeons that do not work / dungeon script requests)
Picks Up Items
Item Pickup filter
Royal Chest B 0 t (currently only Catacombs Hall)
Sells Items to NPC
Item Sell Filter
Auto-Login (optional)
Anti-Ban Features

1) Download and install if you do not have:
- .NET Framework 4.0 or higher
- Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2010
Download (x86)
Download (x64)
- DirectX Redistributable

2) Run DNB 0 t.exe as Administrator

3) Create a new profile

4) Click Settings

5) Under Game Path, browse for your dragonnest.exe

6) Select any other settings you wish to enable

7) Press "Save Settings"

(If it still does not run properly, you may have to disable your anti-virus protection. I know there is an issue with BitProtector)

(Some settings are currently disabled as they are currently being worked on)

List of feature and how to set them:

Auto-Login -
1) Remove PIN from account if you have one (the auto-login feature does not support the PIN yet)
2) Go to the login tab of the B 0 t settings
3) Type in your login ID, password, select the server, and select the character slot
To get the correct character slot, you MUST have your characters arranged in the "sort according to order of character creation" or it will login to the wrong character
4) Make sure the checkbox "Enable Auto-Login" is checked
5) If you want the B 0 t to start immediately after login, make sure "Start B 0 t After Auto-Login" is checked

Dungeon -
1) If you would like to B 0 t the same dungeon repeatedly, select "Repeat the Same Dungeon" and then from the drop down boxes select a dungeon and difficulty (if you are too low level for the dungeon you select, you will get stuck)
2) The select dungeon based on level feature is not available at the moment
3) If you would like to use the Royal Chest B 0 t, select "Repeat Dungeon for Royal Chest" and then the correct dungeon from the drop-down box. Currently there is only one dungeon available for LV 16+ (Catacombs Hall)
4) If you would like the B 0 t to complete the mission board quest for the dungeon you selected, please select the complete mission board mode.
5) If you would like the B 0 t to repair at the end of a dungeon, make sure "Repair After Dungeon" is checked

Combat -
1) If you would like the B 0 t to use skills check "Use Skills"
2) If you would like the B 0 t to use all skills (including ones you do not have assigned), make sure "all skills" is checked, otherwise check "Only on quickslot bar" if you would like the B 0 t to use the skills only on quickslot skill bar 1
3) If you would like the B 0 t to revive you after death, make sure "Revive On Death" is checked and if you would like it to use up your cash revives, make sure "Use Cash Revives" is checked
4) Check any anti-stuck options you would like to use

Teleporter -
Currently not available

Chatter -
Currently not available

Merchant -
1) If you would like the B 0 t to automatically sell items to the NPC, check "Enable Auto-Merchant"
2) If you would like the B 0 t to repair items when at the npc, check "Repair Equipped Items"
3) Add any items to the list to stop them from being sold to the NPC if you would like some items not to be sold. It is case sensitive.
Here are some examples:
Ordinary Agate - will filter the item
oRdInArY Agate - will not filter the item
Ordinary agate - will not filter the item

Item Drops -
1) If you would like the B 0 t to pickup items, check "Enable Item Pickup"
2) If you would like the B 0 t to pickup only gold, check "Only Pickup gold"
3) The drop filter works the same way as the merchant filter

Antiban Features -
1) Add a random time in a specified range of minutes that you set to add to the dungeon completion time
2) Add a random time in a specified range of minutes that you can set to add time to before the next dungeon is started
3) Add a random number of dungeons completed before the B 0 t returns to town
4) Add a random number of time in a specified range of minutes that you can set to add time to waiting in town

1. Open DNB 0 t
2. Select a profile
3. Launch the game
4. Open another DNB 0 t
5. Select a different profile
6. Launch the game
7. Repeat for as many clients as you would like to open

Virus Scan:

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. will you develop the B 0 t for other servers?
Yes, when SEA version is perfected, I will update it for EU, US, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia and private servers.

Download Now

ForeverRed Cheats WarRock Chams BR

VĂ­rus Scan:

[00/ 48] && [00/23]

Download Now

WarRock Philippines Advance MerXmas Weapon Cheat

Screen Shot and Features:

Blue Weapons

Pink Weapons

Red Weapons

Snow Weapons

Download Now